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Access to all pages and data objects stored in this Data Repository, hereinafter the Repository, and the information relating to any of the connected services, implies acceptance of the conditions set out in this disclaimer.

SURF recommends that you, hereinafter the user, read this notice carefully.


The following definitions are important and used throughout the rest of this document, unless explicitly stated otherwise:

  • 'Repository' or 'service': the Data Repository service as provided by SURF
  • 'Digital Object': an entity containing metadata and possibly a bundle of files served by the Repository service
  • 'Visitor': any visitor to the site, whether registered, logged in or solely visiting anonymously
  • 'User': any registered user that is logged in
  • 'Producer': any user creating new records and uploading data to the service
  • 'Consumer': any user or vistor downloading files of a dataset

Effective date for these conditions

These conditions are effective from the date that they have been added to the Data Repository website and service. SURF reserves the right to modify or delete, either wholly or partially, the current content of the website as seen fit. In the case that any modification is made to these conditions, the modification shall take effect on its respective date of publication and shall apply to all users of this Repository from that date forward.

Privacy and data protection policy

In the case that the user is asked to submit his/her personal data, he/she will be provided with the following information: the recipient of the data, the purpose of the request for this data, the identity and address of the person responsible for the data. He/she will also have the right to access, change or block the use of said personal data as it is being processed. The personal data collected will only be processed and/or released for the stated purpose and only with the user’s consent.

See our Privacy policy for a complete overview regarding handling and processing of personal data.

Intellectual and industrial property

The Repository, as well as all pages comprising it and the content contained therein includes documents, photographs, drawings, graphics, databases, computer programs, logotypes, trademarks, brand names and other distinctive signs protected by intellectual or industrial property rights of which SURF is the owner or for which it holds the legitimate license.

SURF makes no warranty as to the legitimacy or legality of the content contained in the Repository when it is not owned by SURF or any of its direct partners.

Permitted and prohibited usage

The user may view, print, copy or store the content of the Repository on the hard drive of his/her personal computer or on any other physical media provided that it is solely and exclusively for his/her personal and private use. Logical exception are any of the published datasets that are not publically shared with other users. For these records the selected licenses apply.

Any modification of the content directly on the Repository website or once it has been stored on any type of media is expressly prohibited.

Commercial use of these contents including but not limited to the reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, public communication or transformation, on or over any channel or medium is expressly prohibited without the prior authorization of the respective owners and may constitute an offense punishable by law.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to use, save and store the content and services appropriately as well as to ensure that he/she does not infringe upon any of the intellectual or industrial property rights of SURF or any of the owners of published datasets.

Under no circumstances does this notice constitute an authorization or licensing of property rights.